Sunday, June 06, 2004

Is Anyone Home?

When I got home no one met me at the door. Unusual but not suspicious. I headed upstairs to the bedroom to change into my normal evening attire of blue jeans and a t-shirt. The door to my bedroom was open a little and I swung it open with my toe. My wife and her friend Diane were on the bed and they weren't just using it as a convenient seat on which to chat. My wife was lying beneath Diane in a sixty-nine position which I was guessing had been under way for a little while by the way Diane's hips were undulating over my wife's face. Quietly, I walked up beside the bed, kissed Diane's shoulder and said, "I hope you are not pinning my wife to the mattress against her will." Diane's head came around with a startled expression. From the other end of the bed I heard my wife breathlessly groan, "Don't stop!" Diane gave me a quick grin and went back to work. Diane was facing the foot of the bed while my wife had her head propped up on some pillows at the head of the bed. I undressed as I admired the two women. They were built along the same lines, athletic body, full breasts, fantastic asses. The long blond hair which usually flowed wild off Diane's head was currently tied back in a pony tail, I suppose to keep it out of the way while she worked on my wife. My wife's breasts were exposed since Diane's body was lifted up on her knees but Diane's breasts were pressed against my wife's stomach. I let my hand trail across the swell of the side of her breast and then slid my hand up to cup my wife's breast. While I held my palm against her chest I bent down and kissed my wife's forehead which was about all that was exposed, her eyes were kind of glassy and she seemed to be elsewhere. From her forehead I let my kisses move a few inches over to Diane's thigh which I kissed hard and then let my tongue run up to the crest of her ass. Kissing around the cleavage of her ass I spread her cheeks with my hands and buried my tongue inside. Diane was now receiving a tongue lashing from both sides and it was driving her mad. From the sounds beneath me I knew my wife was accelerating her pace and I tried to keep up. Soon a mighty shudder ran through Diane and I new she was coming. I thought after this she would change positions but she didn't release my wife. To see if I could lend a hand I moved down to the foot of the bed. When I got there I was about to offer my assistance when Diane looked up at me and said, "Enter her." Not feeling like saying no and being ready to go I complied. I lifted my wife's legs in the air and keeping my body erect and my knees tucked under me I thrust into her. I expected Diane to prop herself up but instead she just tilted her head slightly to the side and kept working on my wife's clit with the tip of her tongue. This didn't go on for long before my wife started indicating that the end was near. Her hips started thrusting against us and then she let out a loud moan (it may have been a yell that was muffled beneath Diane) It was too much for me and I exploded also. Shortly afterwards we were all able to untangle ourselves and move down stairs for dinner, we were all quite hungry.

Monday, May 31, 2004


I love a good pub. I was away on business, staying at some hotel that was exactly like all the other hotels I always stayed in except next door was a perfect little Irish pub. I was sitting at the bar drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale (yes, I know it is an English beer but I have a firm rule of ordering Newcastle whenever it is available) and trying to decide between potato skins and a reuben sandwich. I didn't see where she came from, she suddenly just slid onto the barstool to my right. When the bartender came by she ordered a shot of Irish whiskey and a pint of Guiness. I had to take a second look. She was stunning, curly auburn hair that almost touched her collar, wild in a very deliberate way and it framed her adorable face which had just a trace of freckles on her upper cheeks. Her body was athletic with full breasts and incredible calves which were visible below her conservative knee length skirt. As if in response to my glance she looked over at me, bent forward to grab the ashtray in front of me and placed it in between us. She then reached again for the pack of cigarettes I had sitting on the bar. I lost the battle I was having with my eyes and they darted down to admire the way her blouse pulled tight against her breasts and I could see her perfect cleavage peaking out through the top of her blouse which was unbuttoned at least one button further than proper business etiquette probably normally would allow. When I regained control of my eyes she had a small grin on her face and was holding the cigarette to her lips expectantly. I snatched up my lighter and put the flame to the tip of her smoke. Exhaling a stream of smoke she poured down the shot of whiskey and chased it with a long pull of beer. If I wasn't married I may had just fallen in love. Sipping a little more of the Guinness she said, "I watched you come in, you move like a bear." "Is that a comment about my weight?", I replied. She looked me up and down, "Muscle isn't weight, it's mass, I know the difference. You don't walk through a room, you kind of prowl. I am more comfortable with big men, they don't have anything to prove, they aren't always posturing or trying to prove their toughness because it is right there for everyone to see." Since she was sitting on my right I thought for a minute that maybe she hadn't seen my ring so I decided to show her my left hand. Glancing down at my displayed hand she lifted her hand to show me the ring which adorned it saying, "It's great to have someone to go home to at the end of a long trip but that doesn't help much when you are alone in a strange town with no one to talk to but your reflection in the mirror." I didn't know what to say to that so I took a long drink of my Newcastle. When my throat had some moisture in it again I replied, "How do you know I am alone and from out of town?" Looking at me slyly she answered, "We are at the same hotel, I figured that if you were drinking alone you were probably sleeping alone, or at least planning to. Do you have plans for the evening?" I had to take another long drink. Before I could answer she flagged down the bartender and ordered another round for both of us, quickly two shots of whiskey and two pints arrived in front of us. She raised the shotglass in a silent toast and we both drank. Recrossing her legs caused her skirt to pull up slightly revealing a nearly perfect thigh. Another drink was required to lubricate my tongue enough so that I could speak. "Look," I said, "I want to warn you, I can't offer anything other than tonight and you will want more. I'm not trying to boast but I am good, maybe great. I take my time and I can do things with my tongue that will make you lose your mind. Twenty years from now you will still be biting your tongue so you don't yell out my name when making love to your husband. After this evening the best sex you will ever have again will be at most a nine because I will redefine your ten." Draining the rest of her beer she grinned, leaned to my ear and whispered, "I want my ten redefined and we can resolve the other issue by not telling eachother our names." With that she dropped some cash on the bar and walked to the door. I thought about it for at least five seconds before I too paid the bartender and made my way to the door. Walking next door to the hotel we didn't say a word. The elevator took forever to arrive, I tried to look nonchalant as we waited but my trousers were not adequately concealing my passion. As the elevator doors slid shut she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled my face down to hers and kissed my aggressively, our tongues met and she ground her body into mine. My hands made my way down her body, feeling the gentle curve of the outside of her breasts and coming to rest on her firm hips. She wrapped her left leg around me and thrust her hips into my thigh. The elevator bell rang and the doors opened. Grabbing a handful of my shirt she pulled my across the hallway to the first door and fumbled in her purse for the roomkey. Wrapping my arms around her from behind I cupped her breasts and explored her neck with my mouth, her nipples hardened against my palms. Suddenly, the door burst open and we stumbled into the room, trying to move without breaking contact. Our clothes came of in a flurry of motion and I pinned her against the wall as our lips locked together furiously. Wrapping her arms around my neck she lifted herself up and locked her legs around my hips. Pulling her head back she gasped, "You said something about your tongue earlier..." Spinning around I carried her to the bed and layed her upon it. Kissing my way down her body I spread her sex open with one hand while caressing a breast with another then laid my tongue inside her. Arching her back she moaned and grabbed my hair, pressing me down as if she thought I had some intention of not finishing my work. With a yell she came hard against my face, quickly pulling a pillow over her face as she let out a passionate scream. Crawling up the bed until we were face to face I kissed behind her ear and listened to her heavy breathing. Regaining her composure she rolled on top of me, straddled my hips and impaled herself on my manhood. Riding me like the apocalypse was coming she thrust her hips into me at an increasingly rapid pace until she started moaning again. One hand gripping her hip and the other holding a breast I tried to balance her as she bucked on top of me. Suddenly, I was no longer in control and exploded inside of her. After we recovered things moved to the shower, then back to the bed, and then to several other locations throughout the room, much of it is a blur to this day. Later, while lying in bed, the room now dark as the evening had progressed, she rolled over and glanced at the clock. Looking back at me she giggled, "Twenty years from now I will still be biting my tongue not to yell out your name? I'll redefine ten on your scale? You are so silly." I grinned, "Those are great lines." "You better be talking theoretically", she laughed as she threw my pants to me. I watched my wife pull her skirt into place and start looking for the rest of her clothes. "Come on madman, the sitter is supposed to be relieved in an hour, I told her midnight." Finding the rest of her clothes my love dressed slowly, she knew I enjoyed watching her dress. Sighing, I dressed myself, took my wife's hand and we went home.

Friday, May 28, 2004


I am being selfish today and am having troubles thinking about my wife's pleasure since it is my birthday and I am obsessing about my own fantasies. Fortunately for her my own pleasures involve my tongue on her body and her orgasm felt through my mouth so she should fair well this evening also. Well, I would spend more time chatting but I have things to, er, get to.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Food Play

We were in a pretty nice hotel in Virginia Beach, balcony overlooking the ocean, moonlight coming in through the glass doors. Our room service had just arrived and as soon as the waiter left we dropped our robes and were naked again. We love eating in the nude. In the middle of the bed was a tray with a large pile of crab legs steaming on top of it. Two bowls of warm melted butter flanked the legs. My wife worships crab legs, I have never seen her fill up on them, only run out of them. She was attacking this pile with her typical zeal, slightly resembling a barbarian on a killing spree, joints being cracked, legs being broken, exoskeletons being disemboweled. Then I noticed a drop of butter escape the crab leg before it reached my wife's mouth. It landed on her left breast and made a short trail to her nipple where it became an estuary dispersing across the textured flesh it encountered. Leaning forward I put my tongue to her breast and cleaned up the butter. Looking at me, my wife smiled. She then dipped the crab deeply into the butter, and slowly brought it to her mouth spreading several drops across her stomach from her bellybutton to her neck. Not needing direction I again put my tongue to her body and removed all the butter. My love was now leaning back against the pillows watching me. When I was done I boldly dipped my fingers into the bowl and transferred a small puddle of butter onto her body where her pubic hairs would have been if they weren't shaved bare. With nothing to stop the butter from streaming down hill it quickly flowed towards her sex. I reached down with my butter covered hand and massaged the stream of warm fluid down in between her already moistening folds at her sexual center. Still smiling, she said, "You know you are going to have to clean up that mess?" "That was what I was praying for." I replied, and lowered my head between her legs. Spreading her open with my non-buttery hand, my tongue went to work caressing her extremely slick sex. As this was going on I moved my butter soaked hand underneath her and massaged it between the cheeks of her ass. Her hips responded in an encouraging way and I became more bold. Now I was alternating direct stimulation of her clit with my tongue and gently taking it between my lips and sucking on it softly. I could tell by the grip she had on my head that her climax was on the horizon. I then was applying gentle pressure to her rear entry with my buttered fingers, tracing small circles around the flesh there. When she got more excited I slowly inserted my middle finger into her ass as I vigorously applied my tongue to the other side of her body. Her hips started thrusting like a jackhammer, she mumbled something unintelligible and then it was choked off by a long moan. As her orgasm rolled over us she locked her body, slightly arched off the bed for a few seconds then collapsed, yanking my head away from her now overly sensitive body. After a few tender moments she went back to eating her crab legs. Looking at me she rolled on her side and lifted one leg. I crawled up the bed, straddled the leg remaining on the bed and entered her. As I started thrusting into her it dawned on me, "You positioned yourself this way so you could get back to eating those damn crab legs!" She giggled and popped a buttery chunk of meat into her mouth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Caught in the shower.

A little while ago I was caught in the shower. By that I mean my wife walked in on me while I was preoccupied..ummm..washing myself vigorously.... no umm.... spanking the monkey. My eyes were closed, one hand against the shower wall, other pumping furiously until I groaned and spilled my seed into the tub to be washed down the drain. "Excuse me," my wife said, "I hate to interrupt but it looks like you are finished. What were you thinking just then?" I knew the right answer wasn't "you going down on Angelina Jolie while I was slamming my cock into you doggy style" so I stammered something unintelligible and pulled the shower curtain shut. That night in bed as I started to make my move she stopped me and told me "No, I want to watch you do it yourself, you can take care of me when you are finished." I was going to protest but decided not to waste my breathe since I hadn't won an argument with her in 15 years. Rolling over onto my back I slid my shorts off and started stroking myself. My love watched my rhythm for a bit and then leaned close to me and started whispering in my ear. "I love the feeling of you pressed against my ass as you massage my back, the stubble on your cheeks against my inner thighs as I wrap my legs tight around your head when I climax, your hands gripping my ass when you enter me from behind, the touch of your tongue on my nipples, your look of ecstasy when you come..." As she leaned closer her breasts came to rest against my side. My pace quickened, my breathing became ragged, she reached down and pulled the sheet up to my waist to catch the eruption then buried her face to my neck and kissed me passionately. Time stopped, my back arched and I exploded. When my vision came back into focus she was smiling above me then kissed my forehead gently. "My turn" she whispered and I knew what she meant.

Monday, May 24, 2004


The first time it happened was during a rather normal session of making love. I had just finnished pleasing my wife, my face still damp with her desire. Kissing my way up her body, pausing only a moment to explore the breasts that I dream of at night, I entered her slowly and started smoothely thrusting into her. After a moment she suddenly wrapped her arms around my torso pulling me down and burying her face against my shoulder. As her hips started slamming against mine she bit into my chest hard. I let out a short yell and suddenly I was coming. Through my foggy, orgasm blinded brain I realized she was thrashing violently and experiencing her own ecstacy. When we both collapsed I looked at her and said "What the hell was that?" She giggled and whispered, "I don't know, something just came over me. I liked it though." Looking down at the two bright welts on my chest where her teeth had marked me I had to admit that I liked it also. The next night I came into the bedroom after a short workout in the cellar and found my wife laying in bed wearing nothing but one of my white tee shirts. As I approached her she gestured for me to lie down beside her, I pulled off my shirt but didn't have the energy to drop my gym shorts, rather I just dropped onto my back beside her. With a mischevious grin she rolled on top of me and kissed me hard on my mouth. Quickly, she inverted herself, crushing her sex into my mouth and layed her body down against mine. I pushed my tongue inside her and tried to orient myself in her lustful opening as she ground it against my face. Her flesh was already swollen with passion and her juices were pouring over me, it dawned on me that I may have interupted something when I came into the bedroom. Then I quickly discovered what had been on her mind when she bit into the flesh of my stomach. Being that my mouth was full, my loud groan was muffled considerably. My hips came off the matress as she continued to assault my body. Reaching down, she grabbed my manhood through my shorts and held onto it as if it were a handhold to keep her in place. Finding a new spot, she bit into me again and made a loud moaning noise. At this point her legs gave way and she simply crushed herself into me as her orgasm took over her body. That was too much for me and I exploded inside my shorts as she gripped me tightly in her fist. Later, as she was nestled against me, her head on my shoulder she looked like an angel and I wondered if she would ever cease to surprise me.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Lawn Work

After four hours the tree was finally planted. Her husband was away for the weekend fishing with some friends and Jane had came by to help with the labor. The dogwood was not that large but the rootball was extremely heavy and the necessary hole took quite a bit of digging to create. Once all the dirt had been packed back into place and the watering was done the two women went back into the cool interior of the house. "I don't think I am up for going out to a movie," Jane said, "do you want to just watch some TV and order a pizza?" "Sure, that sounds perfect, my back is too sore to sit in a theater tonight." the wife replied, "Do you want the shower first?" After a pause Jane said, "You go first, then why don't you stretch out on the bed and I'll work out the knots in your back." She knew that Jane had trained at a massage therapy school years ago but never pursued it as a career so she nodded and dragged herself to the shower. When she was done showering she wrapped the towel around her body and stepped out of the bathroom as Jane squeezed by, completely naked. Jane had a full body, well padded but not really fat, everything was firm and nicely proportioned, none of her curves were missing, in most places they were well accentuated. The wife spread across her bed, laying on her stomach and relaxed. After a short wait, Jane came into the room without a word and sat on the foot of the bed. Starting with her feet Jane massaged her way up the wife's legs and firmly loosened up the stiff muscles in her calves and hamstrings. When that was done Jane loosened the twist in the towel that held it in place and exposed her friend's back. As Jane placed her knees on either side of the naked hips exposed to her, she started to work on the bunched up muscles between the spine and the shoulderblades. The wife hadn't opened her eyes but she knew that Jane was undressed by the pubic hair now pressed against her ass. As she became more relaxed a moan would occasionaly escape her lips as a particularly tough knot was kneaded out of her muscle tissue. After the third moan escaped her lips she noticed that as the sound left her mouth, Jane would lightly grind her hips against her buttocks. As Jane leaned forward to massage the wife's neck she felt Jane's stiff nipples draw parallel lines up her back. This time she moaned without any massage to cover it up. Jane drew herself up into a sitting position and paused. Not giving her a moment to reconsider, the wife smoothly twisted onto her back, feeling Jane's sex trace a path around her hips until their passions met. Performing a quick situp, she wrapped her arms around Jane's neck and pulled Jane down on top of her. Their lips met in a passionate kiss as they were covered in a tent created by Jane's long damp hair. As their breasts pressed together and Jane ground her sexual center against the woman pinned beneath her, the wife let her hands travel down Jane's back, exploring the curves of her ass and tracing a finger up the cleavage between her buttocks. When they came up for air Jane whispered, "May I taste you, may I please you?" Breathlessly the wife replied, "Can I return the favor? Can we experience each other together?" Not able to find the words, Jane turned herself around and placed her sex above the wife's eager mouth while at the same time making a row of kisses running from her bellybutton to the passionate entrance between her spread legs. The wife reached up and grabbed Jane's hips, pulling the blooming orchid which was Jane's sex down to her mouth. Jane whimpered and eagerly feasted on the wife's exposed love. They explored with their hands, lips and tongues until their hips started to thrust in unison. The wife felt her orgasm rushing towards her but she tried desperately not to lose her train of thought because her own success was on the verge of reality. As she finally lost control she felt Jane's orgasm flood over her and they both did all they could to just hold onto each other. When it was over Jane rolled off onto the bed and laid there trying to catch her breath. Finally she crawled around and place her head on the wife's shoulder kissing her neck and softly holding one breast. The wife quietly said, "Do you still want to order pizza?" "If you want to," Jane answered, "but I am thinking of feasting again later on something else..."


A word about skinnydipping. Fun? Yes. Adventuresome? Yes. Sexy? Well, yes and no. Nudity is sexy and women are certainly wonderful to share this experience with but unless the water is very warm it isn't really flattering to the guys but it is still quite fun. The appeal of it for me is the freedom one feels when sliding through the water naked, like being a dolphin cutting through the waves at dawn, or maybe a grizzly hunting salmon for dinner. No matter what body of water you are in after shedding civilizations arbitrary cloaks you suddenly become one with nature, just you and the elements.